DOTA 2 Players Set New Record On Steam, Most Concurrent Player Record

The Valve development team has just come out to announce that its own game DOTA 2, the multiplayer online battle arena title, has managed to smash another Steam record. That record is the most number of active/concurrent gamers playing any steam title at any given time. If you look at the steam stats regularly you will probably notice that DOTA 2 is always top, followed by other Valve games (like TF2, CS:S), Football Manager 2013 and Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. Yet DOTA 2 is by far the most played game, other game titles don’t even get close.

The new record was 329,977 gamers playing DOTA 2 all at the same time. This smashed the previous record which was around the 297,000 marker, also a DOTA 2 record. DOTA 2 is still in beta stage and those who are interested in the modern evolution of the classic concept can ask another player for an invite. The game also has a rapidly rising competitive eSports scene with an international tournament coming later this year, organised by Valve, with an expected prize pool of $2 million and rising.

Gamers can increase the prize pool by buying the DOTA 2 compendium.

As I write this article there are 200,000 people playing DOTA 2, followed by 32,000 on Team Fortress 2 and 26,000 on Football Manager 2013. Valve are clearly doing something right and while many will argue that with Valve games being “Steam only” titles Valve games have an advantage but that isn’t strictly true as a lot of PC games these days are being made Steam only titles anyway. Though that said there are bigger games and gaming platforms outside of Steam so Valve do hold a significant advantage. Therefore, take these results as they are – Steam records – not PC gaming records.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you play DOTA 2?

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