Don’t Drill Your Graphics Card or Receive This Expensive Lesson

by - 6 years ago

Zotac GTX980ti amp

We have all done something stupid at one point or another, but some people’s actions make ours look pale in comparison. Such a case showed up this week where the victim of stupidity was nothing less than a Zotac GeForce GTX 980Ti Amp graphics card. At this point, you might want to either get the tissue box for your tears and put away the drink so you don’t risk spitting it all over from laughing; because one of those two things are bound to happen.

A user named Zanderlinde had purchased a Zotac GTX 980 Ti AMP! graphics card for his new rig, but having a custom built case, the giant heatsink on the card became an issue and he decided to get an aftermarket cooling solution instead to help that issue. So far everything is like it should be, right? But here we go.

Idiot breaks GTX980Ti card (2)

Zanderlinde got himself a Corsair HG10 GPU cooler for his graphics card and tried to mount that to his card, only to find out that it didn’t fit properly, one of the mounting holes didn’t align properly. Being a DIY man, as he calls himself, he attempted to fix this issue; sadly he did so in the worst possible way. Instead of trying to modify the mounting bracket or create a new one himself to fix this issue, he took his power drill and made a new hole in his $1000 CAD graphics card. Yes, you read that right, he drilled another hole in the PCB of a Nvidia GTX 980 Ti graphics card.

Idiot breaks GTX980Ti card (3)

Motherboard and graphics card PCBs are usually multi-layered and even tho you can’t see any visible connections where you drill, there might be more between the layers and it looks like Zanderlinde drilled through multiple of those. Now at this point, the card wasn’t fully destroyed yet, but it was before he was done with his stupid ideas. Realising that he might have cut some internal connection within the PCB, he got the idea to solder it up to reestablish the connection. To simulate this before actually doing it, he put a screwdriver through the hole in order to bridge the cap. Oh boy, and yes you already guessed right what happened next. Smoke started to rise from the card.

Idiot breaks GTX980Ti card (4)

Before the last stupid attempt, parts could have been salvaged from the card, but now everything is more or less fried. To finish the card off completely, he went ahead and broke it in two. But he admits to his stupidity and called himself out for it, so there is a chance that he learned from his expensive lesson and will ask for help first before attempting something as stupid as this again.

Idiot breaks GTX980Ti card (1)

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37 Comments on Don’t Drill Your Graphics Card or Receive This Expensive Lesson

  • Avatar JaiBo says:

    #facepalm I just cried into my coffee …

  • Avatar Dev says:

    This is why we can’t have nice things.

  • Avatar gamendub says:

    what an idiot … he doesnt deserve such a card

    • Avatar Wesley Avrett says:

      Deserve is a bit harsh of a word. If someone has enough money, then they deserve anything they can get their hands on, so long as it’s legal. His problems stem from what he doesn’t know, not what you or anyone else thinks he does or doesn’t deserve.

      • Avatar JonasTone says:

        Having the money to afford something does not equate to deserving something. Just saying.

        • Avatar Zak Feasey says:

          Is working, earning money to pay for something, not deserving something? It’s not like you can pay for respect that you might not deserve, or pay for someones loyalty, love or something.. Material items are literally only valued by currency and currency is earned/deserved through labour. It’s literally the way the world works. Yes, he deserves the card, regardless of how he treats it, because he earned the money to pay for it. In fact, he’s allowed to treat it however he wants, simply because he paid for it. Just because he may have made a mistake, doesn’t make him less deserving. Also, you guys sound really jealous when you say ‘he doesn’t deserve it’, like you guys are more deserving but are denied access or something…

          • Avatar Sealatis says:

            But what if you earned the money by hum pressing a button that kills 10 ppl and gives you one dollar :V

          • Avatar JonasTone says:

            Not at all, but thanks for the interesting fallacious argument though. I know plenty of people with money that never earned a single penny, and again no, just because you can afford something does not mean you deserve it.

            I never once claimed that i deserved something that i do not have, i never said that i have been denied access to something that i deserve, but having money does not make you automatically deserve something.

        • Avatar gamendub says:


      • Avatar KingKazma says:

        Dude, shut the fuck up with your poor logic.

        • Avatar Wesley Avrett says:

          Oh no, woe is me, I had an opinion and someone got butthurt. Boo fucking hoo. If someone works, gets paid, and wants to buy something, because they earned the money, then they deserve it. Whether or not they’re intelligent enough to keep what they paid for is up to them. Speaking of poor logic, your comment is full of it, as well as full of itself. Try again, and this time, don’t be such a child about it.

          • Avatar KingKazma says:

            No one is listing to your bullshit. Your internet should be cut off asshole. mother fuck you.

          • Avatar Wesley Avrett says:

            You’re still unable to be polite, or even an adult? Well, I’m not one for arguing with, or even hitting children. Maybe if mommy and daddy spanked you more often, you wouldn’t be such a disappointment to both me, and them. I am so sorry that they bothered wasting their time making you. Maybe the next time you attempt to challenge a superior intellect, you’ll have something better to come back with.

          • Avatar KingKazma says:

            I didnt even read your shit. Fuck off dude. I dont care about your life story wtf.

          • Avatar Wesley Avrett says:

            Poor baby. Did you wear your brown pants? I hope so, cause I obviously made you shit them.

          • Avatar KingKazma says:

            Lmao yet you keep responding shit head. Under your skin huh loser.

          • Avatar Wesley Avrett says:

            Not even. I just love poking trolls, and retards on the internet. You’re making me laugh. I like it.

          • Avatar KingKazma says:

            right. lmao, You already pored your pathetic heart out in your previous responses. You look like a fucking idot haha, Im the one laughing. God youre stupid.

          • Avatar Wesley Avrett says:

            Do you have an extra chromosome or autism? If you’re going to insult someone, you should try a bit harder. Then again, I doubt your intellect could handle a proper insult.

          • Avatar KingKazma says:

            Go suck your daddys dick you little baby bitch. wow, jesus christ how old are you. Talking about intellect but you have the mushy brain of an infant… Stupid mother fucker.

          • Avatar Wesley Avrett says:

            Oh look, all of the trolls came out to play. I didn’t realize having a circle jerk at an aids clinic, while covered in paper cuts was still popular.

          • Avatar KingKazma says:

            No ones trolling. Are you fucking dumb?

          • Avatar WSgearheadtotoe says:

            HAHA! Damn, you gut burnt you fucktard.

          • Avatar WSgearheadtotoe says:

            Dude just shut up. You’re just mad cause he hurt you lmfao.

    • Avatar Danijel Danish Ištok says:

      He deserves if he can pay for it. Period.

  • Avatar Pruno))) says:

    “Hey i built a case by myself and i cannot even think to measure the dimensions of the gpu i’m gonna buy “

  • Avatar Will Lyon says:

    I don’t even have enough $ to buy a 980ti and this guy’s out drilling holes in his -_-

  • Avatar OuchThatHurt-Phil G says:

    fucking moron

  • Avatar minemarcius says:

    Thank you for this valuable lesson to not drill holes in expensive electronics

  • Avatar Louie Andrew Capulso says:

    one good lesson for humanity, Thank you stupid person. I hope you won’t kill yourself after what you have done..

    RIP GTX 980 Ti mate, my Condolences

  • Avatar Aron Begley says:

    Had to something similiar to my R9 380. Wouldn’t fit past the HDD bays in my case (like 1-2 mm off >:( ) So i had to take a handsaw to some useless plastic at the end. Fits perfect now and not one problem 😀

  • Avatar Curtis Corse says:

    I’m a seasoned PC builder and I’m still so paranoid about fucking things up that I wouldn’t dream of altering a PCB. I get nervous when RAM doesn’t click into place right away. I almost shit my pants when the lever that allows you to remove a card from a PCIE slot snapped part of the way off. Drilling into a $1000 video card? I’d probably have a stroke. No thanks.

  • Avatar #longlivethebay says:

    What a waste of fucking hardware.
    Dumb cunt.

  • Avatar Kenny says:

    i am not that educated, but i know those hi-techy patterns in a PCB are there for a reason.. why would you drill a hole and mess with it? i mean, i’ve read about his reason.. but.. damn.. buying a new case and an appropriate cooler could have been a lot cheaper

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