Domino’s Pizza Faster Delivery With The DomiCopter

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Perhaps you are too young to remember, but many moons ago, or about 20 years ago Domino’s pizza guaranteed their pizza to arrive at your front door in 30 minutes or less. First offered in 1979, and discontinued in 1993, many pizza places are able to deliver a pizza within 30 minutes though, it is all a matter of how busy they are, and how close the delivery is. Domino’s is playing with the idea of air delivery.


Domino’s Pizza is trying to be new and innovative, probably because their pizza tastes like garbage, even with all of the changes that they have made in recent years. I am not sure if it is just because they don’t use quality ingredients or if it is because their employees just don’t put any love into their work. Of course that doesn’t stop Domino’s Pizza from being one of the most popular pizza chains out there! As with most fast food, it is affordable, though I would rather pay more for the quality.

The fast food pizza giant has devised a new method for pizza delivery, utilizing a drone like a helicopter, which allows it to travel vertically, horizontally and every way in between. With the drone being in the air, it avoids hazards that may be on the ground and traffic, insuring that your pizza will be delivered hot and fresh. The drone will be called the DomiCopter, called in T + Biscuts requesting that they design a remote-controlled drone aircraft. The idea is that a pizza can reach anywhere within a four mile radius in under ten minutes, faster than a human would be able to deliver.

Domino’s Pizza has yet to announce if they will use the device or the technology, but it is available, perhaps you will have a pizza delivered by the DomiCopter soon.

Special thanks the T + Biscuts for bringing to life this new and innovative technology.

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