DiRT Rally Rated For PlayStation 4 And Xbox One in Taiwan

The DIRT franchise progressively moved away from traditional rallying and began to incorporate Gymkhana events. Furthermore, Codemasters received a great deal of criticism for the blatant vehicle DLC in DIRT 3 which tried to sell additional content during the car selection screen. Clearly, the studio’s management decided to target the American market, and widen DIRT 3’s appeal. The worst title in the series by a significant margin is DIRT Showdown. This was a feeble attempt to replicate the chaotic driving style from Flatout Ultimate Carnage and shouldn’t have been released with the DIRT name. In recent years, Codemasters have disappointed racing enthusiasts on a regular basis which raised questions about their long-term future.

Undoubtedly, the studio dropped its simulation roots and made the series more friendly to newcomers. However, from absolutely nowhere, Codemasters unveiled DIRT Rally which I honestly believe is their best creation in the last decade. Despite launching in early access, DIRT Rally quickly gained a reputation among PC gamers for being a very difficult but rewarding experience. Unlike its predecessor, DIRT Rally focuses on time trial contests and has an impressive rallycross mode. On another note, damage transfers over between stages and helps you to gradually improve.

Codemasters initially launched the game as a PC exclusive which makes sense given the early development stage and simulation features. Console players generally don’t have many real simulators to choose from with Project CARS being the main exception. While some people refer to Forza or Gran Turismo as a similar, it really isn’t in the grand scheme of things. Whatever the case, a listing for DIRT Rally on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 has appeared in Taiwan. Here we can see the actual listing including platform, publisher and game title:


This is very exciting news for the console market and I cannot wait to see how DIRT Rally performs on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It’s certainly one of the best racing games I’ve played and I really hope this listing turns out to be correct.