DimasTech Starts Indigogo Campaign for the Epic AMC Chassis

Have you ever found yourself in the situation that you had a great PC chassis, but there was just the one or two things off. The things you would have done differently if you had designed it? With DimasTech latest chassis, those thoughts might be a thing of the past.

The Advanced Modular Case or AMC for short, has the widest available customization that ends up in a total of 6400 basic combinations. Yes, you read that right, that wasn’t a typo. With 64 available dimensional options and 10 internal and 10 external colours to chose from, you can get just the right option for your next build.

DimasTech is far from a new player in the market and I’m in fact working on a system built on a DimasTech Easy V3 right now. So going the crowdsourcing way might seem a little odd at first. The reason is that DimasTech wants the users final feedback to create the best product possible as well as invest in new features such as offering Satin or Mirror Finish, anodized in several colours.

The 64 dimensions available consists of 4 height options ranging from 400 to 910mm, 4 depth options from 460mm to 750mm, and 4 width options ranging from 220 to 460mm. The availalble colour choices are white, black, grey, blue, green, pink, yellow, orange, red and bronze.

The AMC is built from 2mm aluminium, a good choice to keep the stability up and weight down while staying cost effective. And that is the material used and there won’t be any other options here, as they want to keep it consistent and equal to future additions.

The motherboard tray size is also a thing up for choice and they range from mini ITX to HPTX and Server boards. The installation is tool-free and there is plenty of room for water cooling abilities and modding options. And the customization doesn’t stop here, there will also be 6 different models of push buttons available to chose from and much more.

AMC Project Features

  • Total Aluminum Construction – Manufactured in the ITALY
  • 4 Different Motherboard Trays, from Mini-ITX to HPTX / Server Boards
  • Optimized for low Airflow and Silence Computing
  • 4 Width: 220 , 290 , 330, 460
  • 4 Height: 910, 720 , 530 , 400
  • 4 Depth: 750 , 650 , 550 , 460
  • Huge Space for Watercooling or Storage Devices
  • Simple and Effective Cable Management
  • lot of accessories in developing for improve your case usability
  • customizable side acrylic windows
  • fast removing sides
  • ThumbScrew and Thumbnuts for add or remove parts from the Case
  • Customizable Push Buttons ( 6 colors)
  • Customizable backlight color for the Front Laser Cut Logo
  • High Quality Paint Job ( powder coating)
  • USb3.0, e-sata and audio in/out

Thanks to DimasTech for providing us with this information

Images courtesy of DimasTech