Did the New GTA V Update Downgrade its Graphics?

by - 8 years ago

gta v graphics comparison

It seems that the latest update for Grand Theft Auto V – version 1.08 – has forced a graphical downgrade, according to a video analysis by YouTube user ElAnalistaDeBits, which translates from Spanish as “the analyst of bits”.

ElAnalistaDeBits re-installed the vanilla version of the game and recorded the differences between that and the 1.08 version. The results do seem to suggest that GTA V’s graphics have gotten a little worse with the update, especially concerning vehicle collisions.

The video shows worse anisotropic filtering, worse parallax occlusion mapping, worse draw distance, a downgrade in the vehicle damage system, and increased texture pop-in.

Rockstar Games has yet to comment on the accusation, though it is unlikely for a game developer to admit to making its game worse. Was the decision a trade-off to add the new online heist content? In the meantime, ElAnalistaDeBits is pressing for an explanation with the #FIXGTAV hashtag.

Cue “PC master race” comments in 3 – 2 – 1…

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7 Comments on Did the New GTA V Update Downgrade its Graphics?

  • Avatar フィリップ オルソン says:

    console peasant troubles.

  • Avatar mojo says:

    I fail to see where this would be a problem; it shouldn’t take long for the modding community to…


  • Avatar phreeon says:

    All the more reason for them to just hurry up and release it for PC. Whatever screw ups are made, the modding community will fix. Just like Bethesda games.

  • Avatar Futilizer says:

    Well to be honest the downgrade looks like it made it run a lot smoother. I’d rather have a sacrifice in graphics to make it run faster than shitty fps with beautiful graphics.

  • Avatar Zak Feasey says:

    I use both console and PC, though I don’t own GTA V console players aren’t peasants xD I get that PC’s are better in general for hardware and capabilities, but I enjoy console too 🙂 I only really use PC (and trust me, this is the majority of my game time so I do love PC) for playing mo games, whether its MMORPG or MOBA or something. For other things like Tomb Raider, Guitar Hero etc. I much rather play on console. If I was to get GTA V it’d probably be on console too, it’s just the type of game that I think suits consoles better. Although peripherals play a part in it (and I understand controllers can be used on PC), maybe its just my set up. 24″ screens compared to a 50″, a small cramped space (though I have a good gaming chair), compared to relaxed on a sofa console gaming has it’s pluses. I can’t lie down on a sofa on my PC

    • Avatar phreeon says:

      Sure you can, hdmi/wifi to big TV, Steam big picture +wireless controller. Problem solved.

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