Did AMD Troll Itself on Social Media?

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In the past week or so we have heard multiple stories and sources regarding the newest line up of AMD graphic card solutions; namely the Radeon Rx 300 series and the highly anticipated R9 Fury X.

It came as a surprise for most people that this High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) touting micro card had what it takes to shake up the NVIDIA top cards; despite not actually having the rumoured power to completely dethrone the GTX 980Ti or Titan X graphics cards.

AMD’s Facebook page posts a lot of links relating to reviews about its graphics cards or processors, but as good publicity for itself; you would expect for them to only pick and post favourable reviews that shines a good light on the hardware.

As of 9am GMT yesterday (25th June), AMD had posted two reviews, one from Forbes and another from IGN. Two fairly well-known technology outlets, but AMD didn’t realise that the preview of the IGN review gave praise in the one hand, but also took the feet from under then almost immediately after.

IGN wrote “The Fury X is an outstanding GPU that runs cool and quiet, but it’s not the knockout punch to Nvidia that everyone had hoped for.” 


And just in case the post gets pulled, here’s a screenshot.


Do you think that AMD knew what it was doing by posting this article? Self-admittance that the card wasn’t as planned or maybe they just picked the best of a bad bunch? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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15 Comments on Did AMD Troll Itself on Social Media?

  • Avatar NetraamX says:

    I think that even the CEO of AMD knows that they will (likely) never beat NVidia, and there’s nothing wrong with being honest.

    Also, the Fury has a specific audience! There are quite a few people who would sacrifice some power over looks, ‘cuz you have to admit; the Fury looks sweet as hell.

    (not a detailed comment because I’m in a hurry xp )

    • Avatar awakino says:

      Never? They did last year. Odds are it will happen again, with HBM2.

      They played with new tech this year, bring innovations and performance to the table. It may not beat the Titan X but it’s still a much better deal, plus it comes with a watercooler too.

      • Avatar Halosheep says:

        You can’t really say they beat them because they come out with their versions of the cards nearly a year after Nvidia does, and the improvements are hardly enough to rave over, not to mention that the next line of Nvidia cards release not too long after to show them up again.

      • Avatar Frosty Mug O' Beer says:

        AMD had a good win with the 295x but Nvidia has and likely will be the single gpu king for some time….Personally, I would rather have the best Single GPU I can afford and if I need to grab another later to sli/crossfire. Not a fan of dual gpu cards….

      • Avatar Dicehunter says:

        Correction, Last year they did and didn’t.

        Single GPU’s AMD are always behind Nvidia, Last year AMD were only ahead in the dual GPU card area, But it was terrible.

        I bought the 295X2 and when it worked it was awesome but it suffered a lot from thermal throttling and terrible drivers sadly, I sold it 6 months after I bought it, The card had potential but as is always the case with dual GPU cards they never really get good drivers.

        • Avatar awakino says:

          The 290X was very competitive with the Titan at the time.

          • Avatar Dicehunter says:

            Very true but the Titan was a cut down chip, The 290X was a full chip, When Nvidia released the full chip i.e GK110 on the 780 Ti and Titan black, Both of those left the 290X in the dust.

  • Avatar 12John34 says:

    At least they can’t be accused of lying which would have been the case if they where posting something that would have paint a totally different image. In that case, the press and green trolls would have been all over the internet accusing them of trying to trick the customers. Lengthy angry articles with perfectly selected parts from the conclusions from the reviews (the more the better) would be showing how bad AMD is as a company. So really bad compared to that other innocent company that is having understandable difficulties in communication between engineers and the marketing department.

  • Avatar Filip Pešić says:

    It’s all about the drivers.. Once new drivers, non beta, perfectly stable, maybe with Win10 release come out.. Then Fury X should shine. If not? Then..Like AMD said, they will go bankrupt by 2020.

    • Avatar Chris says:

      They won’t go bankrupt, they’ll sell the whole thing to the not yet but snap soon to be almighty dragons!

    • Avatar Gboss says:

      Surely if AMD improves their drivers over the coming months to improve performance so will Nvidia. I don’t think that is going to move the needle in favor of this card vs the titan x or 980ti. I guess we don’t know with Direct x 12 release what will happen, these cards could prove to have an advantage.

    • Avatar Dicehunter says:

      By the time we have full DX12 supported games in Windows 10 there will be new cards out from both AMD and Nvidia and the Fury X will be obsolete.

  • Avatar Ariady Putra says:

    Those hype. “Fury”. It sounds like “bulldozer” all over again.
    Let’s go green.

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