DICE Almost Turned Down Star Wars Battlefront Due to Hectic Schedule

Star Wars fanatics have faced an antagonizing wait spanned across many years for a sequel to the highly-popular multiplayer shooter, Battlefront II. Thankfully, this long, arduous wait is almost over and Star Wars: Battlefront appears to be shaping up quite nicely. Although, there are some concerns about it being a re-skinned Battlefield 4 and lack of space battles. Interestingly, it seems DICE almost refused the job due to other commitments and being “fully booked”.

In the latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine, Patrick Bach, the general manager of DICE said:

“Disney came to EA looking for a partner to make games and suggested, ‘Maybe DICE should make a Battlefront game’,”

“On our side, we had this opportunity but were fully booked with other work and thought, ‘Argh, we can’t do that!’ But then the heart kicks in, says ‘we will figure it out,’ and we figured it out. Because you can’t say no to a project like that.” 

Despite the time constraints, DICE couldn’t turn down a project of this magnitude and used their organizational skills to work on the game. Ideally, Battlefront should take priority over a Battlefield sequel but once a project is mapped out, it’s virtually impossible to suspend it. I’m intrigued by this revelation and wonder if any other publisher barring Ubisoft and Activision would have the budget to create an authentic sequel to Battlefront II.

Are you looking forward to Star Wars: Battlefront?

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