Diamond Wireless Video Stream HD 1080P HDMI Review

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Final Thoughts


UK stock of this device is limited at best, with most resellers jacking the price up based on imports. However, you may find some stock at various eBay stores that are more suitable. In the US, you can pick one up for around $99, which is quite expensive, but given the applications of the device and the overall performance, it’s a small price to pay for the added functionality it provides.


The Diamond Wireless Media Streamer is a great little device that does exactly what it promises on the box. If you’re tired of running long HDMI cables or other equipment to send your video output to external displays, then this is the perfect solution for you. It’s also very portable, so keeping it in your laptop bag is perfectly reasonable. When you take your laptop to a meeting or presentation, you can plug in the dongle, connect to the external display or projector and you’re good to go.

Build quality is very good and even the design of the unit is esthetically pleasing. I also really like that a HDMI cable was included in the box, saving you any extra cost from picking up the cable you’re most likely to need.

Functionality is high, especially since the unit is plug and play ready with Windows 8.1, you don’t have to be a genius to get it set up and use it.

It is limited by its range and that you need line of sight for optimal performance. That means you can’t use it to stream from your living room to your bedroom, or at least, Diamond don’t guarantee its performance should you attempt it. I tried a laptop and went out of the room and with a wall between me, the video stream did stutter a couple of times. However, streaming from my PC to my TV in the same room worked great and that should translate well to those using it in offices and meeting rooms.


  • Easy to use
  • Nice design
  • HDMI cable included
  • Works with audio and video
  • Portable


  • A little expensive
  • Need line-of-sight

“A simple, but very effective product that could help you cut one very long cable from your setup. While it works great at home for streaming your movies to your TV, it’s certainly going to be well suited to office spaces and can be used to quickly pair any system up with a projector or display for presentations.”

Thank you Diamond for providing us with this sample.

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