Diamond Release Range Of Gaming Peripherals At CES 2014

CES 2014, Diamond are better known in the industry for their graphics solutions, but now it looks like they’re wanting to dip their toes into the world of peripherals with the release of an all new range of keyboards and mice. First up we have the DX1, a 6000 dpi laser mouse that features extra side buttons that make it ideal for general MMO gaming and FPS titles. It’s ergonomic shape means its only suitable for right handed use, but the build quality and design look great.

Their standard gaming keyboard is nice and compact, making it ideal for chucking in your bag for LAN gaming events. It features red plastic behind the keys that give it a nice bright appeal and should be aimed towards the mid-budget gaming market.

Next up we have their gaming keyboard, although this isn’t the final model it already looks promising and features a choice of Cherry MX switch types and a compact design that make it ideal for gaming, and portable enough to take with you to LAN events. It also features replaceable key caps on the WASD keys, these features a very grippy rubber cap that will help keep your fingers right where you need them.

Also in the Diamond suite were more gaming products, a wide range of video capture devices suitable for a wide range of budgets, some are simple pass through devices while others offer streaming capabilities, HDMI in put and more, all of which are available now on Amazon.

That’s everything from the Diamond gaming products for today, but well be getting them in for review in a few weeks time, so stay tuned for more details on their performance and features.