Diamond DS3900V2 UltraDock Docking Station Review

Final Thoughts


The DS3900V2 sadly isn’t available in Europe yet but it is expected to be available at Amazon in Q3, 2015. In the US, new docking station (DS3900V2) can be had for $109.99 at Amazon.


Diamond has created a great docking station with the DS3900V2. The sleek looking docking station has plenty of connections that your portable computer might lack, or just make the use of static peripherals a lot easier. Four USB 2.0, two USB 3.0, dual graphics output, audio jacks, and an RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet connection, the DS3900V2 has it all. The connection is almost plug and play, all you need is to install 10MB of drivers.

It has a large rubber foot underneath to keep it firmly in place, but also comes with a vertical stand unit. The foot can be slid off and the docking station then clicks onto the metal stand instead, providing a vertical unit. Diamond provides a great accessory package where you’ll find a power adapter, DVI to VGA adapter as well as the previously mentioned vertical stand.

We didn’t see much performance impact when comparing to a direct connection. The USB 3.0 speeds were right on par while the network showed a minor decrease on the transfer speeds.


  • Easy to use
  • Plenty of connection options
  • Fair price
  • Vertical stand for more options


  • Availability

“The Diamond DS3900V3 Ultra Dock docking station convinced me. It has great connectivity, is simple to use and looks stylish at the same time.”

Diamond DS3900V2 UltraDock Docking Station Review

Thanks to Diamond for providing us with this sample