Devastating Tornado Hits Oklahoma City, 5 Killed and 50 Injured

Tornadoes seem to be striking the USA with vengeance currently and several have ripped through the USA in recent weeks killing many and injuring many more as well as causing substantial damage to property. On Friday May 31st several tornadoes made landfall close to Oklahoma City in its Western Suburbs before making their way towards the downtown area and then turning south before dissipating. At its peak this particular tornado managed to become a staggering 1.6 kilometers, or 1 mile, wide.

According to Sky News the storm that has caused these tornadoes has so far killed a total of five people and injured about 50. Of those 5 killed 2 were reported to be a mother and her daughter, their bodies were later dropped down by the tornado near Interstate 40. Furthermore, the storm also rained out large hailstones. The areas around the cities of El Reno and Yukon were reportedly worst hit by this storm which covered an extensive area and generated several tornadoes.

Our thoughts and condolences go out to those affected by these natural disasters. You can see a video below of the tornado which ripped through Oklahoma City.


Image courtesy of LiveLeak