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Today der8auer unveiled his newest device for overclocking, the Delid Die Guard. The device makes removing the lids of CPUs so easy that even my mother could do it. The preferred method of the past has been the vice method for removing lids and unfortunately with the new Skylake CPUs the PCB is so thin people are destroying their expensive CPUs attempting the method.

Because of this, it has become common practice to use a razorblade to remove the lid, though that has its own dangers to users and the CPU. der8auer is a pro overclocker himself and even has mangled a CPU from delidding, so he decided to make a tool that will simplify the process.

The tool is two blocks that clamp together with 6 screws with a CPU placed inside. The compatible CPUs are Skylake, Ivy Bridge, Haswell and Devils Canyon though Broadwell may also work, but he had nothing to test with. After the two parts are clamped together with the CPU inside, turn the screw on the back and it pushes the lid off and you are done. A device that takes headaches and fear of killing a chip out of delidding? Yes Please!

The standard way for delidding Skylake right now involves using a razorblade and can be very dangerous to your fingers and the fragile PCB of the CPU. This is the first 6700K that I delidded and it was pretty anxiety-inducing for sure.


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2 Comments on der8auer Delid Die Mate Coming Soon to Caseking

  • Avatar JonasTone says:

    I would rather they shipped the CPU without the lid just like the AMD equivalent. It makes no sense to slap a chunk of aluminium on top of the chip, when direct contact with the coper cool base will produce much cooler temps.

    I just wish i had the balls to do this to my cpu haha.

    • Avatar Brian Heuer says:

      It is really easy. Look up the “vice only” method. Same principal as this piece. Just a less fancy one.

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