Demo For Xbox One Friends App Released

A walk-through of the new Xbox One friends app has been demoed by Major Nelson, and has dealt with two of the most primary parts of the app, which are ‘friends’ and ‘followers’. The retired colonel takes you through the distinguishing factors between the two parts in this video demo.


In Xbox One friends, the number of friends is a finite number, usually limited up to a few thousand. Meanwhile, the number of followers has no such restrictions. Additionally, you can befriend your follower by deciding to follow your friend back in return, which would unlock information available to each other, you can check when your friends is online, and their latest achievements in real-time.

“A great driver in ‘Forza Motorsport 5,’ for example, could have a huge group of thousands or even millions of followers all tracking their performance in-game,” Rob Lehew, Xbox Live Program Manager, said. “Those followers can have this driver on their personal leaderboard so that they can constantly keep track of how they stack-up, and they can potentially connect online with the driver to get into a race with him.”

All friends will just get ported over to the Xbox One, so Xbox 360 gamers have nothing to worry about if they value their old friends too much. The video posted above will take you  through a tour of the app.

Thank you NextPowerUp for providing is with this information.

Image and video courtesy of NextPowerUp.