Dell Unveils 13-Inch Chromebook Featuring Full-HD Display

Dell has expanded its Chromebook line-up to include a 13-inch 1920×1080 model and signifies a significant step up from the Chromebook 11. The Chromebook 13 comes in a wide range of specifications and allows you to choose between a fifth-generation Celeron, Core i3-5005U or an extremely capable Core i5-5300U which turbo boosts to 2.9GHz. In terms of memory, this new device supports up to 8GBs and a 16 or 32GB Solid State Drive.

Connectivity wise, the Chromebook 13 utilizes 802.11AC Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, 1 USB 2.0 port, 1 USB 3.0 port, plus an HDMI socket to mirror the display on a monitor or Television. As previously mentioned, the display is 1920×1080 to suit the increased screen size and probably based on an IPS panel. Interestingly, Dell have coated the screen in Gorilla Glass to prevent scratches from occurring which adds an additional sense of rigidity. On another note, the island-style keyboard is backlit and the casing is constructed from high-quality aluminium.

Cosmetically, the carbon fiber finish is superb and evokes a luxury feel without being too overbearing for business use. The Chrome 13 is set for a September 17th release with a starting price of $399. However, specific details referring to component upgrades haven’t been confirmed.

Would you ever consider a Chromebook or do you find it overly limiting to completely rely on cloud storage?

Thank you Digital Trends for providing us with this information.