Deepcool DQ1000 Quanta Semi-Modular Power Supply Review

Final Thoughts


Deepcool’s DQ1000 lacks any significant retail availability or pricing but I managed to find it listed for RS13200 over at an Indian store which puts its American MSRP at around $170 considering the Corsair RM1000 is listed for RS12700 and has a US retail price of $150. The Deepcool DQ1000 comes with a 3 year warranty.


The Deepcool DQ1000 started off in our review testing so well and gave me great hope. The DQ1000 aced our voltage regulation, efficiency and PFC tests with some class-leading results that could put other rival power supplies to shame. However, as we proceeded towards ripple testing the wheels started to fall off. The ripple results that were measured in our testing were poor. There’s no other way of framing it: the unit nearly exceeds ATX specification on the 5 volt rail which baffles me because I’d never expect to see such poor performance on such a high-end unit, even one made by CWT. I sincerely hope we had a damaged model that had some internal errors but there were no signs of faulty operation during testing. My expectation is that Deepcool will receive similar feedback from other reviewers and revise there product’s core design to tame the ripple problem. As it stands I cannot recommend this product to anyone just on the ripple issues alone.

There were other problems with this unit that are also worth considering. We believe that four PCIe connectors are not enough for a 1000W unit – 1000W is perfectly adequate of powering three way graphics configurations so more connectors should be provided. Neither is wiring two CPU 8pin EPS connectors to the PSU a smart idea as most people would not be using dual CPU configurations. To round things off the PSU also became unpleasantly loud at 100% load, although this was balanced out by the fact it was very quiet at our other load testing scenarios. All-in-all the Deepcool DQ1000 is a power supply that is greatly let down by its ripple suppression, if you can overlook that it might be worth buying but the results end up with me not wanting to recommend this for anyone: there are better PSUs out there for the price.


  • Higher than rated efficiency
  • Superb PFC
  • Excellent voltage regulation
  • Quiet at 0-80% loads


  • Poor ripple suppression on all rails
  • Lack of PCIe connectors
  • Noisy at 100% fan
  • Low quality sleeving on hard-wired cables
  • Two hard-wired 8 pins seems a strange choice
  • Too expensive
  • 3 year warranty is too short compared to the competition

“Deepcool’s DQ1000 power supply is rough around the edges and we hope Deepcool will go back to the drawing board to improve this product before introducing it to the market properly.”

Thank you to Deepcool for providing this review sample.