Deepcool DQ1000 Quanta Semi-Modular Power Supply Review

A Closer Look – Interior

Internally the Deepcool DQ1000 seems to be a CWT OEM design based on what I’ve seen before from CWT units. The overall build quality seems good enough although for a 1000W unit it seems a little sparse on filtering capacitors.

A high quality 140mm Yate Loon fan is used. The D14BH-12 part is capable of up to 2800 RPM which produces 140 CFM and 48.5 dBA.

The primary hold up capacitor offers 680 uF at 400 volts and 105 degrees celsius. This seems powerful enough for a 1000W unit although normally vendors start to spread the wattage over multiple primary side capacitors when the wattage gets this high.

The AC receptacle features line filtering from a handful of X and Y capacitors, there’s no EMI shielding around it though.

Down by the secondary side we find a small cluster of filtering capacitors which seem to be high quality but make me wonder why there are not more here. You can also see how compact the PCB is: rather small for a 1000W unit.