Deep Cool DA500 Aurora 500W Power Supply Review

A Closer Look – Exterior

The DA500 is pretty reserved in terms of design, a fairly bland exterior and a fairly standard looking fan mesh. It’s got a nice light texture black finish, but that’s really about it, for those who can’t see the inside of their systems, this isn’t really an issue, but it clearly wasn’t designed for display rigs.

Down the side, you’ll find the main specification table, showing us a powerful +12v rail with up to 38A and 456W of power.

The top panel is just a blank panel, but it should blend in easily enough with your chassis.

A simple branding sticker on the side, which strangely features a picture of the PSU on it; I can’t help but wonder if that PSU also has a picture of the PSU on it.

Plenty of ventilation around the back, although there is clearly room for even more below the AC socket. One thing I am happy to see is a master power switch, handy for shutting your system completely off.

This is a non-modular PSU design, so all the cables pass through this single opening. There’s a plastic grommet around the opening to prevent the casing causing damage to any of the cables.


The cables on this unit are anything but fancy, with bright colours and a rather thin braiding on the 24-pin cable. They feel fairly durable, but can be a little unwieldy as they’re a little longer than usual, although this is no bad thing if you’re fitting this unit in a larger chassis.