DDoS Attack on Evernote Causing Disruption to Users

DDoS attacks are quickly becoming a common occurrence across the internet and the number of businesses that are suffering to torture that they can cause is also sadly on the rise. following an announcement on their service and support pages, Evernote have admitted that they are the latest service to fall victim.

Earlier today Evernote made a statement saying “The Evernote.com service is currently unreachable; our Operations team is investigating the issue. We will provide updates as we learn more.” A later statement came to light detailing that they have found the source of the problem to be a DDoS attack and that they were working to resolve the situation and restore service to at least some of their users who are reporting issues with Syncing data between their devices.

At this moment in time it is not known how bad the attack has been nor where the source of it is, but if it is anything like the punishing attacks that we have seen over recent months, including the 400 Gbps record attack that was discovered earlier this year. Additionally Evernote are keen to stress that no user data has been compromised which is not associated with DDoS attacks, where the network is hammered with packets of data instead to cripple the network adaptors on the servers and switching fabric instead.

Source: CNET