DARPA Wants Deployable Ballistics Wall From Inside a Portable Canister

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is currently asking for proposals in the future development of BlockADE (Block Access to Deny Entry).  For companies and researchers interested in submitting a proposal, a statement of work isn’t currently required, as DARPA wants to just receive proposals.

If designed to meet specifications, soldiers in the battle field are able to carry a portable wall inside of a canister that is at least one-feet by 6.5-feet or smaller.

Soldiers would simply hit a button or pull a canister tab, and the barrier deploys – and should be see through and offer defense against traditional ammunition to help offer resistance against ballistics.

DARPA wants materials and device concepts that yield expansion ratios of several order of magnitude, including “mechanical strength for solid barriers, stickiness or sharpness for web or briar-like barriers, capacity to self-weld or self-assemble,” DARPA said in its official Request For Information (RFI).

Even if a DARPA project doesn’t lead to a direct product or technology, information collected can be used for other projects.  If one day deployed, the BlockADE could prove beneficial for U.S. police officers, federal authorities, and soldiers deployed on the battlefield.

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Image courtesy of Military Armament