D-Link DCS-935L mydlink Home Monitor HD Wi-Fi Camera Review

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The D-Link DCS-935L Home Monitor HD WiFi camera naturally performs best in lighted environments, but it also features infrared for up to five meters visibility in total darkness. Below you’ll find some different test shots taken with the camera directly from the mydlink Home app.

Daytime Performance

The daytime performance is naturally the best and we can see clear images in the tests below. We do however also see that bright sunshine though my windows might be too much in some cases. Everything within the room is, however, visible and recognizable.


I aimed the HD camera at the balcony door as I figured that would be a place that people will want to monitor. An often weak point on your apartment where possible bad minded people could force their access.


The video capabilities are great too and they might give a better impression of the resolution and performance. I’ve taken a short clip during both day and night to show both. Starting with the daytime, we see clear HD images.

Nighttime Performance

The nighttime performance is still great and we can see everything clearly in the shots below. These snapshots were taken as the motion sensor was triggered by my cat hopping up on his chair. The first shot has some artificial light coming from some place away and we see that it helps a lot compared to the next shots.


The following shots are taken in complete darkness and show the performance of the build infrared capabilities. It isn’t 100% clear everywhere, but you can make things out and recognize the important parts.





For the nighttime video test, I was lucky that my cat jumped in and wanted to be part of the review. It shows how motion is captured and doesn’t turn into a total blur. Another coincidence was the thunderstorm going on outside. We see the lightning strikes across the sky while the camera provides stable images. No brightness overload or similar that easily could happen. A good result. It is also worth mentioning that nighttime recordings took about 25% to 50% less storage on both snapshots and video.

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  • Avatar MPiet says:

    So when you say “poor wifi performance”. Would you recommend line of sight to wifi router or limited range only for use with this device?

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