D-Link Announce a New Line of ‘Colourful’ Routers

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Over the last couple of years we have been watching consumer electronics become more ‘stylistic’ for the home with less of the harsh lines and eye-sore designs that was once associated with technology at one time. There are, however, on or two product groups that are still deemed to be an eye-sore in the home and routers, which we all need to get on the internet, are deemed to be one of the worst things we have to look at. When you look at the OEM products that your ISP sends you, it’s not really going to be winning any design awards any time soon.

As one of the bigger names in the consumer and OEM networking markets, D-Link are looking to change the way in which we see our networking hardware in the home, with a new range of ‘designer’ routers that bring colour to the home and break away from the typical box shape that is associated with the humble router.

Available in red, teal, black and white, the cylindrical routers will offer up the latest 802.11ac network capabilities with 433Mbps speeds on the 5GHz band and 300Mbps on the 2.4GHz band, alongside four Gigabit Ethernet ports and a single USB port for sharing media and printers on the network.

Daniel Kelley, the VP of D-Link marketing give as statement saying, “Wi-Fi routers have never had the reputation of being the most aesthetically pleasing products in the home, and we set out to change that with our color routers. With the launch of our new line of AC750 Wi-Fi Routers, customers not only get a powerful home network capable of supporting the most demanding applications, they also have a stylish device they can proudly display on the desk rather than buried underneath it.”

Whilst I can see where D-Link are coming from, the cylindrical design that they have chosen only reminds me of the new Mac Pro that was featured earlier in the year and how it resembled a trash can. Whilst I get that we need to come up with a more contemporary design, there are a number of other shapes that can be chosen, rather than one that looks like a bin.

The new AC750 routers are available now with an exclusive price of $79.99 at Amazon. If you feel this is a good design then please let us know below, or alternatively tell us what you feel would be a more suitable style to bring to the consumer market.

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  • Avatar Wayne says:

    I think they look rather cool although I’ve never put aesthetics at the top of my list when looking at routers though, I’m a function over form kinda guy but these are nice. I’ve heard a couple of nightmare stories about D-Link routers but I’ve been using, supplying and recommending them for years now and have never experienced any problems with any of them.

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