Cyberpower Infinity X55 Pro Gaming PC Review

Acoustic, Power & Thermal Performance

Acoustic Performance

During idle conditions, the system emits a slight noise and is louder than a number of its rivals. However, it’s still extremely quiet and you’re unlikely to be disturbed. Once stressed, the noise levels increase to a very respectable average of 41.2 decibels and creates a relatively quiet user experience. While it’s not the best result on record, the noise levels didn’t seem to impact on my enjoyment factor when watching movies or playing competitive games.

Power Consumption

In terms of power consumption, the overclocked CPU, and custom cooled XFX R9 390 consume just under 370 watts. This is extremely efficient for a system of this magnitude and isn’t significantly higher than GTX 970 based alternatives.

Thermal Performance

The Corsair H55 CPU cooler does a fantastic job of keeping the thermals low despite having to deal with a 4.5GHz overclock. Furthermore, the hottest core only reached a maximum of 62 degrees which suggests there’s additional headroom for a larger frequency boost. The graphics card remained relatively cool and well within its thermal limits.