Cyanogen’s Microsoft Deal Is Not as Bad as You May Think

Not a lot of typical android users like to see the words “Microsoft apps included” when it involves their devices. Power users such as people who use CyanogenMod and Cyanogen OS are even more likely to react badly to this.

This meant that news that Cyanogen and Microsoft announcing that they are partnering to include Bing services, Outlook and other Microsoft apps on Cyanogen OS has caused a fair bit of uproar in the Android market.

The biggest concern is that the Microsoft applications will ruin the bloat-free experience that they changed to Cyanogen OS for. As it turns out the Microsoft integration with the OS will be different to previous Microsoft and android integrations. The first difference being that any applications that Microsoft add into the OS will be removable. You’ll be able to uninstall the app the same as any other application you install.

Cyanogen have not said if they will be releasing the changes in the next release of their OS (12.1).

It’s clear that the team at Cyanogen want to keep one aspect of their OS. They want to keep their OS an OS of choice, and offering an alternative to the google core applications and services is one of the parts of that.

Thank you to Android Central for this information

Image courtesy of  Droid Life