Curved LG OLED TVs Up For Pre-Order And Ship In June

Curved display technology is gradually maturing and we brought you the news recently that LG would be releasing flexible OLED smartphones by the end of this year. Now it appears that this curved OLED display technology is going to arrive for the TV market before smartphones as LG’s curved OLED TV is now up for pre-order.

LG’s EA9800 TV sports a 55 inch display that is just 4.3mm in thickness. You definitely pay a premium for the curvature because the LG EA9800 will cost $13,500/€10,500 which is around $4000/€3000 more than a “standard” 55 inch OLED TV.

Like with a lot of LG products they are now offering pre-orders in their native country South Korea, they should already be possible, and it is expected that the finished products will ship at some point in June. It is expected that it may take 6 months to a year for the same TV to be offered in the USA, Europe, Japan or anywhere else that demands it.

“Our Curved OLED TV is not only the proof of LG’s unmatched leadership in next-generation displays but also a testament to LG’s commitment to bringing to market the most exciting TV technology available today,” said Havis Kwon, president and CEO of LG’s Home Entertainment Company.

The LG EA9800 is said to offer an “IMAX-like” experience…and you’d certainly hope so for $13,500. The LG EA9800 employs a WRGB technology which adds a fourth white sub pixel to the colour spectrum. LG’s colour refiner also gives greater tonal enhancement to all colours.

Unfortunately we have no more information than that and availability outside South Korea is going to be announced in the coming months. For those who are super desperate to get their hands on one of these soon, there is probably a way to import it from South Korea if you are willing to do your research.