Crytek Expects Mainstream VR to Take 4 Years

Crytek, a developer at the forefront of visual fidelity has predicted widespread VR adoption will take approximately 4 years despite various devices being prepped for the consumer market. David Bowman, the director of production, discussed the mass appeal during an interview with Blasting News:

“Billions of people have cellphones. How fast did that happen? A decade. For virtual reality I’m predicting 4 years. I think we’re going to see mass acceptance for VR.”

“Consumer technology is ready. This is consumer companies going ‘yes, we’re going to make this happen, The visual display is finally there, the cost of producing that much power and that visual display has come down to the high end of consumer acceptability. That will drive success stories, which will drive profits, which will drive reinvestment, that means lower costs.”

VR technology is evolving at a rapid rate and issues which plagued early designs such as motion sickness have been virtually ironed out. Using a heads up display provides an immersive experience but I can see the average consumer being quite skeptical. For example, the public are so tuned to the traditional exterior display that a mounted headpiece might take a lot of convincing. Comfort is paramount to the success of VR and devices need to be light enough to use for long periods.

I cannot wait to see games being developed with VR in mind and while it might be a niche outlet for some time, its potential is staggering.

Have you ever tried a VR headset? If so, what was your overriding opinion?

Thank you Blasting News for providing us with this information.