Cryptic Software And Bournemouth University Team Up To Train Students In Cyber Security

Cyber Security is becoming an increasing concern for everyone; businesses, schools, hospitals, governments and even the everyday home user. That’s why we were quite interested to see security company Cryptic Software teaming up with Bournemouth University to offer students a chance to train and work in the field of Cyber Security while taking related degrees there – namely the BSc in Digital Forensics and Security.

As part of the joint-venture Bournemouth University will get access to £500,000 worth of computer hardware and software to set up a special Cyber Security unit. £250,000 of which is provided by the UK government’s Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF).

The Cyber Security unit is set to be profitable too as Bournemouth University is expected to earn £250,000 in the first year on consultancy work, rising to £3 million by the end of the third year. With Cyber Crime costing the UK around £27 billion the state of the art research that is to be undertaken at Bournemouth University in partnership with Cryptic is going to be essential for securing international competitiveness for UK firms in the online services industry.

Image courtesy of Bournemouth University