Crucial Releases New SSD Software With Momentum Cache

A good toolbox for your storage drive is something that’s worth just as much as the drive itself and Crucial has just released an upgrade to their software, the Storage Executive tool.

The new version is 3.20 and it now features Momentum Cache, an intelligent caching feature that can enhance the drives burst performance by up to ten times. The caching software uses your idle system memory to cache redundant writes and in return it also helps to increase the overall lifetime of your storage drive. Only the writes that need to go to the drive are actually written and frequent read data is stored in your memory for quick access.

Anyone owning a Crucial SSD can take advantage of this, but the ones that made the switch to DDR4 more than the rest. We’ve recently seen what DDR4 is capable off, with memory running around 4GHz. That speed will be equally returned when used as RAM disk or caching area.

In addition to the new features, Storage Executive also allows users to update the drives to the latest firmware, monitor the drive’s temperature and health, reset the drive’s encryption password, and easily check how much storage has been used.

“We want everyone to enjoy the benefits of solid state storage,” said Jonathan Weech, storage marketing manager, Crucial. “Software that optimises performance and keeps Crucial SSDs running efficiently is another example of how we make upgrading easy.”

You can download Crucial’s Storage Executive from the official website and it is compatible with Windows 7 and newer operating systems and Crucial’s M500, M550, MX100, MX200, and BX100 SSDs.

Crucial is part of Micron and users with Micron drive can take advantage of the same benefits, they just need the Micron version that can be downloaded from Micron’s website.