Croteam Releases the Source Code for Serious Sam Engine

I don’t know about you but the first Serious Sam is currently one of my favorite games, mainly because it’s so good at stirring up my nostalgia. It’s been quite a few years since the game came out in 2001, but this does not mean that its developers and fans have forgotten about it. Actually, Croteam has just released the source code for Serious Engine v1.10, which was actually used to create the first two Serious Sam titles. Even though this engine is not as easy to set up when compared to Unreal or Unity, for example, its creators are confident that the gaming community will be able to make wonders with it without too much effort.

Croteam’s Vyacheslav Nikitenko has stated the following:

“Historically, this version of Serious Engine is very important for Croteam and for me personally. I created several mods for Serious Sam back in the day, before even starting the work on the source code, and it was a great tool for learning. And it’s even better today! Obviously, Serious Engine v1.10 won’t produce top-notch graphics, but the source code is very well commented, easy to modify, and there are lots of user generated mods out there. This version has everything you need to build your own game – or just experiment.”

The source code can be downloaded right here if you’re interested.