Criterion Founders Producing Burnout Spiritual Successor

Three Fields is a development studio created in 2014 by Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry, the co-founders of the Burnout franchise. While the development studio isn’t a household name, Ward and Sperry’s previous collection of fast-paced, chaotic action results in some of the most intense racing games ever created. Additionally, the wild damage engine enthused a great deal of enthusiasm when tackling a wide variety of challenges. Sadly, there hasn’t been an official Burnout game for some time as EA focused on updates to the Need for Speed series. While Need for Speed: Most Wanted has nothing to do with the Burnout series by name, it seems like a toned down version of Burnout Paradise.

Thankfully, the team at Three Fields now has the capacity to make their own strategic decisions and decided to create a “spiritual successor” to a beloved racing game. It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to deduce which series the studio is referring to and I cannot wait to play the next Burnout game using a high-resolution and fun physics model.

The studio’s first priority is to complete a multiplayer sports game before work can begin on the next Burnout game. It will be interesting see what kind of multiplayer sports title this will be. Hopefully, the upcoming Burnout game will feature an expansive and engaging single player component.

It appears there’s still a great deal of discussion regarding which title the sequel will be based on. Perhaps, Three Fields is gauging the reaction from the community and will make their decision on this basis alone. Whatever the case, I cannot hold my excitement with the news of a new Burnout game which brings fun back into the Arcade racing genre.

What is your favourite Burnout game of all time?