Cracked iPhone 5C Screens Can Reportedly Be Fixed At Your Local Apple Store

Apple can now repair your iPhone 5C screen at the local Apple store, so don’t fret if your iPhone 5C has suffered a drop that eventually lead to having a broken display. You can now take it to any Apple store to have it replaced, though expect to have a big wallet as well.

It is reported that Monday was the first day on which Apple stores started taking in iPhones with broken displays to have them replaced. The screen-repair service will cost you $149 though, less than what Apple offered for an alternative to ship the handset to a repair center, which eventually lead to a repair cost of roughly $229.

Cnet has reported that the price will eventually take longer and be more expensive, depending on the damage suffered by the display. Those with minor scratches and cracks are said to be treated in-store and quicker, for a less fee. However the more extreme cases are required to be shipped out and have the display (or phone) replaced completely, eventually upping the price.

There have been reports from last year that Apple will introduce in-store technical support for the 5S and 5C. However, nothing has been heard of the iPhone 5S and the 4S receiving in-store support, leading to the handsets still having to be shipped to a repair center to get the proper repairs done on them.

Thank you Cnet for providing us with this information
Image courtesy of Apple