Could We Be Seeing Brutal Legend 2?

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710_2596Could we be seeing another adventure into the Brutal Legend World?

In an interview with GameSpot Tim Schafer, founder of Double Fine said that he would love to revisit the game, whether this is a new standalone game or just a DLC pack for the original. Depending on who you talk to Double Fine’s game Brutal Legend was either an underrated gem or just a mess of genres, however there is no denying that since the port for PC came out last year interest in the game has grown. Whilst the PS3 and Xbox 360 version was released 5 years ago, the PC port has been very successful even topping Double Fine’s hit Psychonauts.

In his interview his GameSpot Tim went onto say this;

“I love that world (Brutal Legend) and I would love to go back there and I think actor Jack Black might be up for it too. While self-funding games vis Kickstarter might be great for smaller projects like Broken Age, keep in mind that it won’t come close to covering the $25 million spent developing Brutal Legend.”

Tim went onto say that if the idea for a Brutal Legend 2 doesn’t gather enough steam and funding, he would still like to visit the world of Brutal Legend again. This could be achieved by DLC, which Tim goes onto talk about in his interview with GameSpot;

“I would love to go back to that world or even just do a DLC pack, we are always trying to get Lionwhyte in there, a playable Lionwhyte army. Maybe that would happen some day. i would definitely love to do that.”

So it seems that Mr Schafer is indeed very keen on either a DLC pack for Brutal Legend or if funding can be acquired maybe even a Brutal Legend 2. What are your thoughts readers, would you like to see another adventure into the Brutal Legend world?

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