Cougar Unveil RX Series of PSU For N00bs!

Cougar; a brand that has made its name within the chassis and PSU industry have recently been keeping an eye on the LOL World Championships and with that in mind, released their latest RX power supplies. Cougar are marketing these power supplies towards the gamers who can’t necessarily afford a high-end PSU but still want performance and stability when playing long periods of gaming and that’s where the RX series comes into play.

The RX series deliver a black and orange-red colour scheme which they believe to give off a masculine and playful theme, but once again we believe this to be marketing hype.

The series of power supplies include 14cm fans with low rotation speeds equalling lower noise while not affecting performance. On top of this, the fan will also auto-adjust to control the temperature vs noise battle by automatically lowering the RPM speed when not in full use.

The range of supplies feature 80 plus certification and comes with Active PFC as well as a dynamic dual 12v rail design which can dynamically distribute the load across the two rails to provide power to both GPU and CPU without compromise and has full support for SLI and CrossFire technology.

The RX range of units will be available in both 500W and 600W models which should be more than ample for most modern gamers, even with multi-gpu based systems and will provide a cost effective solution for them too.

You can find more information on the RX series of power supplies here and so far no word of availability or price is known.