COUGAR Announced Affordable Gaming Mice 230M and 250M

COUGAR recently released the brand new 550M and 500M flagship gaming mice, but not everyone has the money nor want to pay that much for a mouse. For those COUGAR also have something and that is the new and more affordable 230M and 250M gaming mice.

The 230 (last four images) is the pure gaming mouse where quality and accuracy is the only thing that matters. The 250 (first four images) features the same quality, but “adds to that with a broad functionality.”

The ambidextrous design makes these mice it equally suited for left and right-handed use, which I’m sure is something that will be highly appreciated by the left-handed users out there. The buttons should last you a long time thanks to the quality OMRON switches and it also features a gaming-grade scroll wheel.

That hardware inside isn’t without either as we’ve already seen on the switches. Both mice also feature a 1000 Hz polling rate and a low 1ms response time. The 230M has a 3200 DPI sensor while the 250M has a 4000 DPI sensor and both are adjustable. The 230M has four fixed DPI levels while the 250M allows you to configure the DPI levels yourself.


Where the 230M caters to the purists who do not need a wide array of functions, the 250M is aimed at those who want it all. With 6 fully programmable buttons, including two distinctive thumb paddle buttons, and internal memory for up to 3 full configuration profiles, the 250M allows the user to access up to 21 different functions.

Neither of these two new mice from COUGAR will cost you a lot and it even allows gamers on a budget to play with a great mouse in their hand. The MSRP is set to $29.90 USD for the 250M while the 230M is set to $19.90 USD.