Corsair Voyager USB-OTG (On-The-Go) Flash Drive Debut At CES 2014

Portable storage for mobile devices is something that I have covered a few times over the last few months. On the face of it, the drives that are available – such as Corsair’s own Voyager Air 1TB – are a welcomed sight for many mobile users around the world. There is however one slight drawback to all of these portable, wireless storage mediums and this is the size.

Over the last few years we have seen that the size of our mobile devices came right down from the bulky phones that were available in the mid 90’s, but as technology has moved forward, the size of our mobile devices has started to grow once more; albeit at a slower rate. Although these portable storage devices are very handy for say sharing films to two tablet devices in the car for the kids to watch on-the-go, for the most part, it is generally a single user who is going to be carrying one of these around with them and the extra bulk and weight can be an inconvenience to some. This is where the Voyager Go Flash drive comes in to play.

Built around a standard flash drive interface, namely USB, the Voyager Go offers up an additional micro-USB port on the other end of its tiny package for a direct connection to a compatible mobile device. At this moment in time, the compatibility list is rather short and it is also limited to Android devices that support the USB OTG (On-The-Go) interface. That said though, the number of devices that will support this feature is growing quickly and Corsair do offer up a full up-to-date compatibility list on their website. The dual USB port feature also makes the task of transferring data from your desktop to your mobile, such as films, that much easier and quicker thanks to its high speed USB interface on one end.

The Voyager Go is going to be available in capacities ranging from 16GB for $19.99 USD through 32GB for $29.99 and up to a massive 64GB for $49.99. The drives are starting to ship very soon and to be honest, I’m surprised that someone didn’t think of this concept any sooner than this.

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