Corsair SF600 80 Plus Gold Fully Modular SFX Power Supply Review

A Closer Look – Interior

The interior of the PSU is pretty amazing, as it’s packed with all the hardware you’ll want for a high-end PSU, but there’s still a rather impressive amount of space in here too. What’s immediately noticeable is the complete lack of cables, everything is neatly integrated and run through the rather busy looking PCBs, and that should really help the overall airflow.

The AC line filtering stage at the back.

The modular board design is very nicely laid out, allowing a 3D vertical layout to help keep the form factor compact as possible.

There’s a powerful 420v 470uf 105C main bulk capacitor at the side, as well as some smaller, albeit all high-quality, secondary caps for the other voltages.

The modular connector board is packed with extra caps too, which we’ve seen on many other Corsair PSUs before, so hopefully we’ll see some impressive voltage regulation and super-low ripple results in our testing.

Finally, we have the NR092L fan, a 92mm PWM model that can be run at zero RPM for silent performance.