Corsair SF600 80 Plus Gold Fully Modular SFX Power Supply Review

A Closer Look – Exterior

The first thing you’ll notice on the PSU is a large sticker, which explains how the zero RPM fan mode operates.

With the sticker out of the way, you’ll find the unit comes with a master power switch at the back, as well as a good amount of ventilation for heat exhaust.

Around the side, the technical specifications table, and one thing I’m impressed with is a whopping 50A on the 12V rail; more than enough for a high-end gaming rig.

Around the other side, a simple SF600 branding sticker.

Around the back, you’ll find fully modular connectors. There’s a split 24-pin, two peripheral connectors, as well as three 8-pin for the motherboard and PCI-E devices.

A nice design on the top of the PSU should ensure it looks great even when inverse mounted.

Finally, we have a 92mm fan fitted with a metal grille that should provide great airflow to the interior of the PSU.


The compact size of the PSU is obviously a welcome advantage, but having fully modular cables is also going to make building your system a whole lot easier. To make things even more appealing, all of the cables are flat-type, meaning they’ll be easy to route, and they come with all black fittings, so they should easily blend into your build.