Corsair RM1000x 1000 Watt 80 PLUS Gold Fully Modular Power Supply Review

A Closer Look – Interior

This is a powerful unit, so there’s a lot of hardware to contend with in here. Everything looks nicely spaced out though and I’m immediately impressed with how little cabling there is too, as this will no doubt help improve the overall airflow.

There are two main bulk capacitors here, a 400V 470uf and a 400v 680uf, both rated for 105w and both Japanese made; I’m expecting this PSU will pull well beyond its 1000w rating with relative ease.

There are high-quality caps everywhere in this unit, as well as extra caps to help provide clean and stable voltages to all of the available outputs. What little wiring there is in here is very well secured and comes with thick shielding and are all very well secured; build quality is certainly not an issue here.

Any secondary boards are mounted vertically, helping further enhance the airflow, and there’s a small heat sink here too to help keep the main hardware as cool as possible, even when running passively.

The soldering on the rear board for the connectors is neat and tidy too, and there str even more capacitors on each port to help keep those voltages steady.

A small board here has the hardware for the fan control system, as well as a 2-pin header for the fan; naturally, we’ve got the fan unplugged at the moment.

The AC line in and filtering stage looks nice and durable too, with clean solder and thick shielded cables.

Finally, we have the NR135L fan, a 135mm fan of Corsairs own design and that should provide us with great airflow and low noise/RPM.