Corsair Raptor M45 Gaming Mouse Review

A Closer Look

Down the left side of the mouse you’ll find a lightly textured panel with an ergonomic curve, this provides a nice grip and test point for your thumb. At the top of this panel there are two programmable switches.

The front of the mouse features two large rectangular cutaways that remind of the air intake scoops you would find on a super car, they’re of a similar design to those found on the higher end Corsair M95 mouse, although this mouse has a plastic chassis, not metal like the much more expensive M95.

The M45 features a weighted and notched scroll wheel with a rubber grip coating added for a little extra control. Behind that you’ll find two toggle switches which for switching the DPI up and down, with a three light LED DPI indicator in the middle of them.

The right side features the same grip texture to it as the left side of the mouse, while the top panel is treated with a soft touch plastic/rubber and a red LED back-lit Corsair logo.

On the underside you’ll find five Teflon slip mats that should provide plenty of glide on your surface of choice.

The weight system allows you to adjust the balance of the mouse, personally I like a heavy mouse, so I’ll be leaving them in for our tests, but it is nice that you can make the mouse lightweight and more manoeuvrable if you wish.