Corsair Graphite Series 730T & 760T Full Tower Chassis Review

Final Thoughts


The Corsair Graphite 760T is available in two colours, black or white for around £144.99 / $179.99 while the Corsair Graphite 730T is £112.99 / $139.99. This obviously means that both the premium 760T and the slightly more wallet friendly 730T are both still rather expensive, but that doesn’t mean they’re not competitive. There are a fair few great choices around this price range and compared to NZXT, Coolermaster and other premium brands, the new Graphite cases are competitive on price and certainly competitive in terms of features.


Both the 760T and the 730T are some of the best examples of high-end chassis products that are available on the market today, sure enough it is hard to find a “bad” product when you’re spending in excess of £100, but finding the one that is right for you or your system is the tricky part. Both of these new entries to the Graphite series tick a lot of boxes, they’re prime choices for anyone looking to build a high-end system. Both cases are identical in term of the components they can handle and both will easily handle a quad-GPU setup, extensive water cooling loops (both custom and AIO), huge amounts of storage, XL-ATX motherboards, long power supplies and plenty more!

Storage is in no short supply here, with two fully modular hard drive bays that are capable of holding 3 x 2.5″ / 3.5″ drives each, as well as a further four 2.5″ drive bays behind the motherboard bringing the total up to 10 drives! Certainly more than your average user will ever need. Of course if that isn’t enough driver for you then you can purchase a few hard drive cages from the old 600T range (same cage design) and expand it even further. Dependant on your configuration and other components you could get 19 drives in with additional cages, not to mention 3rd part 5.25″ bay converters if you want to go even further.

With air filters on the front panel providing clean airflow via the two high quality 140mm fans, as well as plenty more fan mounts in the base, back and top of the chassis, you should have no trouble getting a lot of airflow through the case. The only issue I saw is that when you move the bottom left hard drive bays like I did in our build section you then gain access to the base fan mount. With the hard drive bays in place this is sealed off, but without the hard drive bays it becomes open. Unfortunately there is no dust filter on the base of the chassis for this fan mount and you would need to buy one separately, but it’s hardly a deal breaker. Next up we have the top panel cover, this is great if you’re not intending on using top mounted cooling as it keep noise in the chassis and dust out. Unfortunately there is no way of stopping dust and debris getting into your chassis should you be using a top mounted radiator, unlike the Obsidian series cases there is no dust filter on the top panel.

The side panel design is nothing short of awesome, it’s really easy to get in and make adjustments to your system and if you ever need to swap out a hard drive, clean out a bit of dust, or install a new component, you’ll be happy that it’s so easy  to get inside without having to fumble around with screws at the back of the case.

Cable management is some of the best I’ve seen, there is a huge amount of space behind the motherboard that makes easy work of PSU cables. Those who feel lazy have more than enough room to stuff their cables around the back, while lots of cable tie loops can allow you to create neat cable management like you see on high-end modded products. The cable routing left airflow virtually unobstructed around the motherboard and of course left the whole system looking visually impressive, an important aspect in the 760T as it features such as large side panel window.

Despite a couple of minor dust filtering issues on the new cases there is a lot to love, if you’re looking to build an ultra-high performance gaming (or similar) style system then you’ll have no issues getting any of today’s high end components such as long graphics cards and large CPU coolers / radiators into either the 730T or the 760T. The 760T is certainly the better option of the two, the added fan controller may only offer a low and high setting, but it’s great for toggling between a mode more suitable for watching a movie and cranking up the fans when your running your system harder. The side panel window is a great option for showing off your rig and the flip down cover on the top 5.25″ drive bay is a nice little addition. Of course the 730T is every bit as capable when it comes to installing a powerful system, the only other difference being the solid side panels, if you’re not interested in the window panel or the fan controller, but still want all the other features, then this is a great value for money option that makes the 730T very a very competitive price vs performance option.


  • Extensive options for air and water cooling
  • Magnetic top panel cover looks great
  • Easy access dust filters on PSU and front panel
  • Three high quality 140mm fan pre-installed
  • Fully modular and expandable hard drive bays
  • Four 2.5″ hard drive mounts behind motherboard
  • Impressive cable routing
  • Reliable build quality
  • Unique and visually stunning side panel window design (760T only)
  • Two channel fan controller included (760T only)
  • Very competitive price tag (730T only) 


  • No dust filter for bottom fan mount, no dust / debris filter for top panel

eTeknix says: “The new entries to the Graphite series are simply stunning, the 760T certainly steals the show with its huge side panel window, but the 730T is still an impressively capable product and ideal for those who are more focused on component compatibility rather than seeing what the interior looks like through their side panel. If you’re looking to build an ultra high end gaming rig, you’ll be very happy with either of these new cases and they’re both solid contenders when compared to similar priced / specification products from rival brands.”

Corsair Graphite 730T Chassis Review

Corsair Graphite 760T Chassis Review

Thank you Corsair for providing us with these samples.