Corsair Graphite Series 730T & 760T Full Tower Chassis Review

Complete System

Build time on the 760T was a little under 30 minutes, given the overall size of the case this is a good time and the easy build process can be attributed to the extensive work space on the chassis interior.

I’ve chosen to install the Corsair H100i in the top of the chassis and as you can see, it has a huge amount of space on all sides. It was really easy to install in this space and with a little care you should be able to get a push-pull fan configuration with it too.

The whole build is very clean-looking and the cable routing options are doing a fantastic job of keeping the airflow unobstructed. Our ATX PSU is obviously quite small in comparison with how big a PSU the chassis can handle, but the dual cable routing holes at the bottom cater to it nicely.

While not needed for our build I thought it would be great to put the modular hard drive bays in a different configuration, so I took the left hard drive bay from the base of the chassis and mounted it below the 5.25″ drive bays, leaving it suspected above the bottom hard drive bays and still allowing plenty of airflow through the middle to the GPU.

At the back of the chassis and between where I mounted the other two hard drive bays you’ll notice our Kingston SSD sitting nicely in one of the four tool-free 2.5″ drive mounts.

Around the back you can see that the cable management is doing a solid job of keeping things organised. Obviously it could be even better if I took time to strap down each cable individually, but for the purpose of this build I’m very happy with the result, plus the side panel went back on with the first try, that’s usually a good sign of competent cable routing.

Side panels back in place and we get a nice view oft the chassis interior through that huge tinted side panel window.

The whole build is just stunning, it’s big, bold and certainly makes a statement, not to mention it really does feature one of the coolest side panels I’ve seen. While I haven’t done a build on the 730T I really don’t need to, just imagine this one with the solid metal side panel and ta-da! You’ll get the idea.