Corsair Graphite Series 730T & 760T Full Tower Chassis Review


A quick pull on the handle and the side panel comes gliding open, giving me immediate access to the interior when I need it, just keep in mind that you do need a fair amount of space to open the door this way as they’re pretty wide.

With the door open a little bit you can lift it right off the hinges, this isn’t hard to do and it also means we know have unimpeded access to the interior of the chassis. As you can see, the interior is finished in black, giving a very strong contrast against the mostly white exterior. The motherboard backplate features a large CPU cut-out, as well as five large rubber grommets for cable routing.

In the base you’ll find an extended ventilation section for the PSU, more than enough room for extra long power supplies without having to remove the hard drive bays. There are 2 hard drive bays, each with support for three 2.5″ (screws) or 3.5″ drives (tool free). Both hard drive bays are completely removable and highly modular thanks to their slide-lock fittings that allows you to stack them on each other.

There is loads of room up front, perfect for giving lots of clearance to the front 140mm fans. You can of course strip out the hard drive bays, or move them to one of the various mounting spots within the chassis (more on that shortly) to make way for front panel radiators and fans.

Each of the three 5.25″ drive bays comes fitted with a tool free locking mechanism.

In the back you’ll find a powerful 140mm exhaust fan and more than enough clearance for a good quality 120mm / 140mm water cooling radiator.

Each of the nine expansion slot covers is ventilated and comes fitted with a thumb screw for easy access.

This is the lower peg for mounting the side panel door/window, the top one looks the same. Both are screwed into the back of the chassis and feel incredibly strong.

Obviously you can mount radiators in the top of the chassis, but Corsair have us plenty of installation space for thick radiators or push-pull fan configurations on thinner radiators.

The right side panel opens out in the same fashion as the left side panel, handy for when you have to make quick hard drive / cable changes.

There are loads of cable tie loops around the back, a perfect complement for the extensive cable routing holes and this should help keep your build neat and tidy.

There is enough cable routing space to build a house! as much as 30mm in some parts.

One of the coolest features of this chassis is the wall of 2.5″ drive bays, these plastic mounts can be easily clipped out, or you can just slot in your drive and it locks into place tool free, giving us four extra hard drive bays and also mounting them in a way that they look desirable from the other side of the chassis.

The top fan mounts as well as any I/O on the top end of the motherboard can benefit from three large cable routing cut-outs at the top of the chassis, much better than trailing cables across the motherboard. 

Here we see both side panels, the right panel is at the back and the clear panel at the front. The right panel features thick plastic that keeps it feeling pretty strong, which it needs to be since it has no frame at the left and right sides.