Corsair Gaming Sabre RGB 10k DPI Optical Mouse Review


The Corsair Gaming software is really easy to use, not only for the Sabre, but also any other connected Corsair peripherals. All the buttons on the mouse can be easily reconfigured, and there’s a fully feature macro recording engine too, which should come in very handy for gaming.

The lighting is easily customised with some built-in effect, as well as an RGB colour selector. Lighting can also be synchronised between other Corsair peripherals to give your desktop some added flair.

The sensor can be configured easily enough and with up to 10k DPI to play with, you’ll certainly not be left wanting for tracking speed. Angle snapping can be enabled (off by default), although I can’t imagine why you would want it, lift-off height can be adjusted and there are even full X/Y adjustments available for the sensor. Finally, you can also set a colour of your choice for each DPI level to help you better see which one is selected at a glance of the mouse.

I was expecting great sensor performance from this mouse and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. Smooth results, with virtually no jitter, angle snapping or acceleration. This is going to be a great mouse to use for gaming and the pixel perfect sensor means you’ll only have yourself to blame for missing a headshot.

I did notice that at 9000, the sensor went a little jumpy (see above), not enough to be an issue for gaming, it’s still very good, but I turned of Enhanced Pointer Precision and changed the lift-off from medium to high and bam! the problem was solved (see below).

Fast switches, fully programmable and a solid macro engine make the Sabre a well-rounded gaming mouse. It’s certainly got more to offer to the MOBA/FPS crowd than it does to MMOs, but it’s got just enough buttons and features to be well suited to virtually any game type. The fast and smooth tracking thanks to the lightweight design and great sensor are a benefit to gaming, as well as day-to-day work, meaning you’ll feel happy using this day and night.

The RGB lighting is stunning too, giving you a nice range of effects to add flair to your desktop, while the ergonomic and curvy design means that it feels light and comfortable in your hand, even after a marathon gaming/work session.