Corsair AX1500i 80 Plus Titanium PSU Now Available

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Corsair is one of the most popular brands on the market for PSU products, and today marks a big milestone in the companies history as they launch their new AX1500i PSU. The much anticipated AX1500i Digital ATX Power Supply is packed full of features that really set it apart from the competition, launching as the new flagship PSU in the Corsair range.

“The new power supply uses Corsair’s second-generation digital architecture, a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) to control power output, resulting in tighter DC voltage output regulation and superior stability for your valuable PC’s components. The AX1500i’s incredible efficiency also results in greatly reduced heat, allowing the PSU to operate in a truly silent Zero-RPM fan mode at loads of up to 450W. Even when delivering its maximum 1500W of power, a high-quality 140mm Dynamic Fluid Bearing (DFB) fan allows the AX1500i to operate quietly.” said Corsair in a recent press release.


It’s the 1500w of power that really grabs your attention, with many enthusiast users out there that run systems with quad-GPU configurations for gaming / rendering, extreme overclocking, crypto currency mining and more, you can find yourself needing 1500w quicker than you might think. Of course 99.9% of the gaming market doesn’t need a PSU anywhere near this powerful, although many users think they do, they don’t.


Should you have a need of something this powerful, you’re going to be sapping a lot of electricity on a daily basis. Corsair has built the AX1500i to the incredible 80 Plus Titanium efficiency standard, making it incredibly energy efficient despite its high power output. Getting that power to your components should be easy too, as Corsair bundle a huge array of cabling choices that can handle everything thing 4-way SLI and CrossFire X setups, as well as Corsair Link technology.


“After we released the AX1200i, the world’s first digital ATX PSU, our customers came to us asking for an even higher wattage AXi PSU to power their most demanding PCs.” said Aaron Neal, product manager of PSUs at Corsair. “For them, we created AX1500i with more power and 80 Plus Titanium efficiency. We look forward to seeing the extreme dream PCs that top enthusiasts power with AX1500i.”

  • Fluid dynamic bearing
  • Includes 8 PCI-E cables with 10 total connectors for GPUs
  • Over 94% efficiency at 50% load (115V)
  • 100% Japanese 105°c capacitors
  • Native USB support for Corsair Link
  • Dimension: 150mm x 86mm x 225mm
  • 7-year warranty
  • $449.99 MSRP

Pricing, Availability, and Warranty

The AX1500i Digital ATX Power Supply is backed by a seven-year warranty and is available now directly from The new PSU will also be available from Corsair’s worldwide network of authorized retailers and distributors in late May. The suggested US retail price is $449.99 USD.

Thank you Corsair for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of Corsair.

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