Corsair Announce a 4K HTPC

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The market for a compact computer to place under your TV is growing. Mini PC’s are ideal for just watching that one TV season or a quick look on the internet, but lack the grunt for gaming like a large desktop does. On the other hand, a large desktop would look silly placed next to a TV; although some would say otherwise.

ITX has taken the world by storm, offering full sized ATX performance in a petite 17cmx17cm form factor. Cases for this motherboard come in a huge range of shapes and sizes, the most iconic likely being the Bitfenix Prodigy. Corsair has a case for the ITX market, the Obsidian 250D and it is a nice solid case, but it is a little…..square.

Corsair has now announced a brand new HTPC called Bulldog. This is a radical take on the HTPC, cramming powerful components in one of the slimmest, non-passive, cases I’ve seen.

To achieve this, Corsair has had to design a few new key products, such as a new power supply and AIO CPU cooler.

Bulldog Features:

  • Bulldog DIY kit:
    • Chassis – Provides a highly ventilated, stylish, compact console design that enhances the living room and keeps PC components cool.
    • SFX power supply – Offers high-efficiency 600 watts of power in the standard SFX12V form factor that runs  smooth and quiet.
    • Mini-ITX motherboard – Supports the latest multi-core desktop PC CPUs.
    • Hydro Series H5SF small form factor liquid CPU cooler– Quietly cools the fastest CPUs while exhausting heat from the chassis.
    • MSRP: $399
  • Optional: Drop-in ready liquid-cooled graphics cards will be announced soon. Upgrade kits with a Hydro Series H55 liquid cooler and HG10 graphics card cooling bracket will be available for $99.

For more information regarding the Bulldog computer, click here!

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