Coolermaster, Speedlink & TteSports Budget Headset Head-to-Head Review

A Closer Look – Speedlink Medusa

The Speedlink Medusa also features an in-line controller, it’s a bit on the cheap and ugly side but its got a master volume control, audio mute and microphone mute button, so it’s still going to prove useful while gaming.

The plastics used on the Medusa feel pretty solid, but they look drab and lack style. In fact the whole headset looks a little dull in terms of design, especially compared to that of the TteSports Cronos.

The headband extensions feel solid enough and come with a deep notch on each step which allows them to lock firmly at your selected length.

Each ear pad has been given a soft velour like material which is super comfortable against your skin, although I suspect your ears may get a little sweaty after a long gaming session.

The microphone is fixed to the left ear cup, but can be folded up out of the way when not needed.

It’s mounted on a long and flexible boom, so finding your ideal speaking position should be easy enough.

There is a faint Speedlink logo across the top of the headband, which is coated with a thin layer of rubber like material.

The inside of which has been treated with a soft foam padding and a thin layer of leather like material. Again, this does look a little cheap, but it does feel comfortable to wear and offers plenty of support.