Coolermaster, Speedlink & TteSports Budget Headset Head-to-Head Review

A Closer Look – TteSports Cronos

The first of the two cables bundled with the Cronos is the red rubber coated mobile cable, its got a shorter reach that makes it ideal for using with your mobile, tablet or similar handheld device.

The desktop cable is a lot longer, braided and features an in-line controller so you can adjust the master volume or mute the microphone. It has two 3.5mm connectors, one for the microphone and one for the headset, as well as an optional USB connector for powering the LED backlighting on the ear cups.

The microphone is fixed to the left ear cup but can be folded up out of the way when not needed.

The inner part of the headband adjuster is metal, giving it extra support.

The boom microphone has a nice bit of flex to it so you can bend it to a suitable speaking position.

The microphone design is really nice, it’s a little chunky overall, but doesn’t look or feel imposing.

A sleek matt black finish on the headband looks and feels great, finished off with a nice Tt logo across the top.

the headset does have a removable cable, which is great, but I would have preferred Tt to use a micro/mini-USB port rather than their own design it can make finding a replacement cable difficult.

The ear cups and headband have been treated with some very comfortable feeling padding, which is covered with a soft meshed fabric that should allow a little breathing room, while also providing a close fit.

The ear cups can be rotated in 90 degrees, handy for when you’re wearing the headset around your neck as they don’t dig into your chest.

Final party trick of the Cronos, hook up the USB connector and the ear cups outer ring, Tt dragon and the two strips on the microphone boom light up. It looks superb, I’d actually go as far to say this is one of the best looking sub £100 headsets on the market!