Cooler Master V750 Modular Power Supply Review

Over Power Protection and Max Wattage

Power supplies often quote as having various protection mechanisms such and the most important of these is Over Power Protection. In our testing we crank up the power draw until the power supply either shuts down (meaning the OPP mechanism is present and working) or blows up (meaning it is either not present or not working). We then note the maximum power consumption before the power supply shut down (or blew up).

This is bonkers, the unit went all the way up to 1229.4 before to OPP kicked in. This means you’ll be able to run well above the rated wattage without concerns of the system shutting down. Of course, I wouldn’t suggest you do this all day long, but for the occasional power spike while gaming or benchmarking, the extra headroom is always welcome; this is also a sign that CM have used high-quality components.