Cooler Master V750 Modular Power Supply Review

A Closer Look – Interior

The interior of the V750 looks quite busy, but it’s also very neat and tidy, with a layout that leaves a nice amount of space between all major components. There’s very few cables trailing on the interior and what few there are, you’ll find them of little concern to the overall airflow within the unit. The 3D design helps space things out, which improves efficiency, reduces crosstalk noise and ripple, as well as reducing the overall size of the PSU.

A good AC line filtering stage, and like everything else in this PSU, it’s spaced nicely from other components and that should help reduce any interference between them.

There is a single main bulk capacitor which is rated for 560uF, 450V and up to 105c; as we said before, all the caps in the unit are high-quality Japanese hardware.

One the rest of the capacitors as well as mounting on to some of the 3D PCBs that are dotted around the PSU, you’ll notice a large finned heat sink, which combined with the fan should allow for impressive cooling of these components, without blocking airflow to the rest of the unit.

The LLC+DC-DC hardware, which will help improve the stability of the voltages, giving us clean power and low ripple.

A small header in the base for the fan connector.

The fan is one of Cooler Masters own, an A1202S Silencio FP fan. It offers up 52 CFM 2500 RPM, with a maximum noise rating of 29.7 dBa.