Cooler Master US Site Hacked and Defaced

As companies are bombarded everyday by malicious attacks, more and more data breaches have been popping up in the news. Cooler Master is no exception and looks to be learning a lesson about security as their US website was taken down by hackers and defaced.

Going by the tag “xMr.Goreman404_IDx”, we have no news yet about the extent of the breach and what if any data was taken. xMr.Goreman404_IDx looks to be cruising the web looking for sites with vulnerabilities to take down, with a number of other sites suffering from similar attacks. Given the Inodenisan flag in both the logo and waving in the background, it can be interpreted that xMr.Goreman404_IDx is from Indonesia. It’s also possible that the flag is just a diversion for investigators though.

At this point, it does not look like the site is being used to host any malicious payload nor spread any propaganda other than slamming Cooler Master for their poor security. For now, it would not be advisable for anyone to visit the site until Cooler Master restores control. First notification about the hack took place at around 12PM PDT and as of this time, the site is unreachable and Cooler Master have yet to make a statement.

Images courtesy of Nineshadow